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Horse of Europe

The trading platform for Europe’s finest sport horses

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Uncompromising in Quality 

Price Transparency & Trustworthiness – Horse of Europe has no hidden cost and promises full clarity in the sales process.

We are Experts – Horse of Europe consists of a team of professionals in every field: Grand Prix winners, globally successful horse traders as well as studied specialists in digital platforms & marketing.

Full Service – Everything you require to find your sport horse in Europe, we can arrange for you: travel planning; local purchasing advice; global horse transportation, import, export, and much more. 

Quality Sport Horses – All sport horses are evaluated and hand-selected by us. We offer jumping and dressage horses as well as Equitation and Hunting horses. 

Newest Horses for Sale


We want to make the process of finding the perfect horse for you as enjoyable as the pleasure of owning it. To make this possible, we are offering various services for your horse viewing trip. You have found interesting horses on our website, but would like to view and try them? We can arrange your entire travel itinerary, including all details, so you can focus on what matters: finding the perfect horse for you.

Buying Process & Transparency

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