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Q: Where do the sport horses from Horse of Europe come from?

A: All horses offered on our website come from our partner stables located throughout Europe. These stables are thoroughly verified to comply with our quality standards at all stages of the inquiry and sales process in close contact with us.

Q: Can I see and try the horses in person?

A: Absolutely! With our Full Service offerings, we are providing you with travel planning, horse selection support, and practice training through our professionals for you to try and find your horse directly at its stable.

Q: Can I get more information about a horse?

A: Always. Just enquire the horse(s) via the inquiry form, and we will get in touch with you via phone or text.

Q: How does the process of buying a horse work via Horse of Europe?

A: Just check our “How it works” video to see the detailed answer. If you would like to have more information, just contact us via one of the many channels we offer (WhatsApp, Call, Mail, etc.)

Q: What is Horse of Europe?

A: Horse of Europe is an online trading platform for sport horses. Stables from all over Europe are our partners and offer their horses worldwide through us. Horse of Europe connects owners and interested parties, while at the same time offers supporting services for all parties involved.  


Q: Who is actually behind Horse of Europe?

A: Behind Horse of Europe is a team composed of experts in every field: Grand Prix winners, globally successful horse traders as well as studied experts in digital trading platforms & marketing. And all with one common goal: to find the perfectly suiting horse for the rider.


Q: What kind of horses does Horse of Europe offer?

A: We offer sport horses of different disciplines: Jumpers, Equitation, Hunter and also Dressage horses. Visit our Horse Showroom (add link here) to find the right horse for you.


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