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Trust in Horse of Europe to find your perfect horse, whether it is an amazing Jumper, elegant Dressage Horse, or  - for the North American market – a talented Equitation Horse or an impressive Hunter.


The horse names are alias. After you have requested a horse, you will receive more information.

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Price Categories
A: 15.000€ - 25.000€
B: 25.001€ - 35.000€
C: 35.001€ - 50.000€
D: 50.001€ - 75.000€
E: 75.001€ - 100.000€
F: 100.001€ - 150.000€
G: Above 150.000€




This talented mare knows no limits. With a lot of overview at the jump and the appropriate quickness from the ground, she is a real high flyer for the future.

Training Level
Price Category
< 110 cm
E: up to 100.000€

Unfortunately, there are no horses matching your search criteria. But no worries, either adjust the filters or contact us via a search enquiry to find the perfect horse for you!

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