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Independent Buying Advisor & Trainer

Your equestrian expert, who will give you advice on how to improve your riding and who will make sure that you choose the perfect sport horse.

Book an independent buying advisor & trainer, who makes sure that you choose the right sport horse that is suiting you. 

Independent from Horse of Europe and the partnerstables

  • All advisors are independent and are not employed by Horse of Europe nor receive any form of commission of any sale. Through this, they can objectively judge the horses that you will try and whether you match with a horse.


We only work with experienced and qualified independent advisors? 

  • All advisors are professional riders themselves and/or have an extensive history as a horse trader and trainer

  • We will provide you with the references of your independent advisor, so you can make sure that you are only advised by the best

What do you get from the Buying Advisor & Trainer?

This service includes the following services:

  • Advice you on the fit between you and the horse based on your indicated preferences, but also on observations during your ride on the horse

  • Evaluation of the training level, worth, and rideability of the horse

  • Riding lesson to improve the rider´s abilities


The independent buying advisor costs 1050 Euros per day.

Additional costs occur for accommodation, restaurants, and separate travel costs of your flights and in case you would like a rental car. Our team will beforehand get in touch with you to make sure that hotels, restaurants, and transportation are chosen based on your preference and budget.

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