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Personal Tour Guide

Your full-time organizer, driver, translator and guide to make sure you are having a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Book a personal tour guide and let go of all stress and worries and simply enjoy the trip and focus on finding the right sport horse for you. The personal tour guide will organize all aspects of your trip and also be in contact with you before the trip to make sure that you will receive the experience you desire.

The personal tour guide will accompany you for the duration of your whole trip and serve as guide, driver, and interpreter.

What’s included?

  • Full travel planning from the moment you enter the airport

  • Booking of accommodation and restaurant visits

  • A personal guide is serving as helper and translator and present during all occasions (stable visits, check-ins, restaurants, etc.)

  • Driver with car


Based on your preferences, we can create the matching sport horse shopping trip. The tour guide price is 850 Euro per day.

Additional costs occur for accommodation, restaurants, and separate travel costs of your flights and in case you would like a rental car. Your personal tour guide will beforehand get in touch with you to make sure that hotels, restaurants, and transportation are chosen based on your preference and budget.

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