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Vetting & Shipping

You choose the horse, we organize the clinical check and  make sure your sport horse arrives at your stable.

Pre-Purchase Exam
We are working only with experienced veterinarians to make sure that the pre-purchase examination of the horse of your choice is thoroughly done. The clinical and a radiographic examination will be provided to you and your veterinarian to make sure that the horse is perfectly sound. 

Vet Petting a Horse
Horse Stall Portrait

After the purchase of a horse, the process is not done. It still needs to get to you, and we know that that is not always an easy task. That’s why we offer you to organize the transportation of the horse to your doorstep. We work with experts in global horse export and import to make sure that your horse gets where it should be: with you.

You'd like this?

No worries, there is no need to request it at this point. As soon as you have found an interesting horse and vetting & shipping become relevant for you, we will provide you with all informations on this. But if you have questions nevertheless, just contact us and we gladly give you more information .

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